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Empowering Choices - Group - 17-min

Indy is our clinic service dog. He is a two-and-a-half year old, medium sized, Black Lab/German Shepard/Australian Shepard mix. He is full of energy, loves to greet people at the door, walk people out of the office, and shaking hands. Indy is a nationally certified service animal who aspires to move further in his training as a service dog, as well as, into agility training. As an energetic young dog, he loves to interact with people, go for walks, and play fetch. He has become a valuable member of our team.

Erik and Indy have been working together since Indy was a puppy. Erik has helped Indy become a nationally recognized service animal as well as a valued member of our team. Erik and Indy work together to help clients from all backgrounds. Twenty-eight years ago, Erik began working in the social service world with children and teenagers who were struggling in life to find the balance between who they were and how they fit into the world around them in relationship to where they had already been in life.

Erik Denton and Indy

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