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Salem Resources

Self Help Groups

Type in key words of the establishment which has meetings.

Listing of some of the NA meeting.

Celebrate Recovery

World Services

P.O. Box 7807

Torrance, CA  90504


[email protected]

Listing of the Al-Anon meetings in the Salem area.

Recreation Resources in the Willamette Valley

Recovery Services

Bridgeway Recovery Services- 3321 Harold Dr. NE, Salem (503-363-2021) (503-399-5597– Inpatient Detox services) Detoxification from alcohol, opiates, and methamphetamines. Outpatient treatment, residential care. Treatment for gambling addictions.

Buckley House- (Eugene 541-343-6512) Part of Willamette Family, Inc, another resource for inpatient detox services.

Celebrate Recovery- See website for multiple locations Website:

Morningstar Church- Larry (503.931.6492) or send an email to [email protected] for details.

Bethany Baptist Church- Contact: [email protected]

Support to Victims

Center for Hope and Safety- 605 Center St NE (503-378-1572)

For over 40 years the Center for Hope & Safety (formerly Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service) has strived to provide a safe environment for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking and to educate the public about the issues surrounding victimization. We provide 24 hour advocacy, safety planning, and shelter screening every day of the week through our hotline: (503) 399- 7722.

Crime Victim’s Service Division- 503-378-5348 Email: [email protected] • Address Confidentiality Program • Crime Victim’s Compensation Program • Crime Victim’s Rights • Post-Conviction Advocacy Program • Sexual Assault Victims’ Emergency Medical Response (SAVE) Fund

Crisis Assistance

PCC is a 24 hour center where people can call or walk in when they feel they are in mental crisis.  They can either be called or you can walk into their office.

1118 Oak St. SE
Salem, OR, 97301
Ph: (503) 585-4949 Fax: (503) 585-4965

24 Hour Domestic/Sexual Violence Support


Peer Support Available 9am-11 pm


Marion county Sheriff’s Dept: 503-588-5032

Salem Police: 503-588-6123

Pet Services

Pet Village is a locally owned family business locally owned.  Their combined dog training experience is over 70 years experience in a variety of different situations and areas.  Not only do they provide obedience to advanced training to challenging discipline problems.  The pet village offers both: series of classes to boarding and training.  They train people from novice classes to experienced service dog and/or police dogs.  Their trainers are very personable and run structured classes with deep experience and leadership.  We use Pet Village to train our therapy animals and continue to use them for maintenance training’s.


Drawing from personal experience and formal training, Jereme is able to understand where his clients are coming from and help them implement healthy changes that will last a lifetime. Having overcome physical ailments and disease as a result of his lifestyle choices, Jereme re-prioritized his life to focus on healthy, simple living.

Jereme created Root Fitness & Nutrition to share this passion for health and fitness with others. Over several years, Jereme and his wife have committed to making little changes that add up to being healthy both physically and mentally. Jereme recognizes that lasting change does not happen overnight and

he is there to coach his clients through the process with compassion and motivation. He has developed a method for addressing the big issues people face regarding weight loss, fitness and overall health. His goal is to get each client on a path of ever-improving health so they can stop worrying about weight and focus on the more important things in life.

When Jereme is not coaching, he is a husband and father and is active in his church community. He also enjoys a variety of sports and outdoor activities and is a competitive age-group triathlete.

Root Fitness and Nutrition

Beverly Kaye has created a plan which replaces diets and includes meal planning and a personal support training.

School Information

Special Education: A Guide for Parents & Advocates

School Resources

Aspergers Social Stories is a website for helping children who have Aspergers & Autism with social skills, daily living skills, and behavioral management.

Aspergers Resources Web Sites

Different as Pie, is a website written by a woman who has Aspergers and what that journey has been like for her.


The light is too loud is a blog written by a woman with Aspergers and her perspective on the world.


Tony Attwood is one of the leading experts on Aspergers.  His website is a guide for parents, professionals, and people who have Asperger’s Syndrome and their partneMy s

My Asperger’s Child is a website to help parents of children with Asperger’s & High-Functioning Autism.  

Help for Aspergers is Rudy Simone’s website where she highlights her various books which highlight how Aspergers syndrome affects females differently than men.

Welcome to Help4Aspergers

Daniel Weldner published a book describing his journey with Aspergers and the social skills he learned along his journey.  This is his website:

Improve Your Social Skills – Home

Autism Resources Web Sites

Invisible Strings is a blog site on a collection of writings on what it is to be autistic.


Autism Speaks:


My Asperger’s Child is a website to help parents of children with Asperger’s & High-Functioning Autism.  

Our Ever Day Life is a website that talks about and deals with the challenges of being a parent of a child with autism.   It has informative articles covering a variety of situations.

Fathering Autism YouTube channel

The rhythm tree is a website established by a board certified music therapist, Ryan Judd.  His website has a variety of resources, services, and videos to assist in working with children nonverbal autistic children through a combination of music and rhythm.

Autismsees is a company which created technology called: PODIUM. The idea behind PODIUM is to improve communication skills by having designed engaging technology to help support the employability of individuals with social communication deficits. This software was designed to help people who have autism and Aspergers improve in their presentation and understanding of social skills.

Daniel Wendler is an individual with Aspergers who developed a guide in helping other people who have Aspergers learn social skills. His website provided lessons is different characteristics of social situations along with understanding and improving communication.  You can become a member for a very reasonable rate which will gain you access to continued lessons.
Improve Your Social Skills – Home

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