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Individual consultation is a process where our consultants are available to meet individually with people in order to address specific needs and goals .  Our consultants are always driven by the needs of the clients who come to us.  We will not only lean on our own expertise, but we will continually do research to help our clients gain the most out of the consultation experience.

Consultations sessions are not counseling and are also not limited to “solving problems”.  Our consultants are experienced in helping to address challenges in a variety of areas such as: parenting skills, diagnosis, structure, behavioral components, relationship building, social skills, working with challenging clients, adults, children, leadership, communication, etc.  Our goal is to broaden your skills , deepen your tools, and further develop your style as you work with your consultant.   We seek to help you become better in the area you have selected to work on.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact us:

503 – 930 – 9957

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