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With technology at the level it is at today, knowledge and skills are easier than ever to make available.  Seminars are one of those technological avenues of bringing those skills and knowledge to the public.

Each of our seminars highlights continual research, breaks down into sections of both information and new skills.  Whether someone is new to the subject of the seminar or has years of experience, our focus is to help increase the tools of everyone who comes to our seminars.

Empowering Choices seminars are developed to last between several hours to several days based on the  topic or the need. Seminars will focus on bringing a better understanding to topics such as: Aspersers, Autism, Borderline Personality Disorder, Fetal Alcohol, ADD, ADHD, Working with tough clients, Work place issues, Dealing with predictors in dating, etc. The emphasis is placed on presenting information through: lecture, media, audio, and hand-outs.  Periodically, new seminars, dates, and locations, will be posted on the web site.

View Our Seminars and Prices: Here(docx) or Here(pdf)

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