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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a type of goal oriented, future focused therapy which works towards specifics outcomes.  The idea of SFBT therapist is to help clients continually move toward goals they have specifically identified.  This is a type of therapy that does not focus on symptoms or issues.  The idea is that the therapists and clients collaborate on a series of steps that will move therapy toward a client’s goals. Therapy involves helping clients to develop a vision of the future, they would like to see for themselves.  Therapist then assist clients to determine what skills, resources, and abilities they may already possess which can be used to reach their specific goals.

One of the unique characteristics about SFBT is that this therapy believes that people are equipped with the skills they need to make changes in their own lives.  The role of the therapist is to assist clients in recognizing what those skills are and how clients have already been using those skills prior to coming into therapy.  SFBT therapists believe that people already know, in some way, what change is needed in their lives; however, they may need support in taking steps forward.  Therapists look for areas that already are working well for their clients, build on those and celebrate the success as they move forward with their new goal.  SFBT therapists focus on helping clients find tools they can begin to use right away in order to manage their symptoms as they are facing new challenges.

Examples of Solution Focused Therapy (These are not our clinicians):

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