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Strength-based therapists believe that people come into session with established strengths and skills that they have already been using and can be used in therapy as building blocks for future success and problem solving.  The idea of strength-based therapy is that therapists is to empower clients by focusing on positives they already have within and/or around them.  This is an approach which believes people are not defined by the challenges they are facing.  Such as: their problem, diagnosis, mistakes, past, illness, etc.   Rather, clients are defined by their capacity for growth and change.

Strength-Based Therapist can focus on helping clients re-frame their perceptions within their situation as a way of helping people move through feelings of being overwhelmed or saddened by life experiences.  Therapists look at facilitating “a client shift” in their “world view” and “creating a new outcome” or “re-writing the life story” as the focus of the therapy; however, therapists focus on skills and strengths that can be tools clients can use in their current situations.

Example of Strength-based therapy (Not our clinicians):

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