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Women’s Trauma Processing Group

This group is designed for women who are 18 years and older. This group looks at the various types of domestic abuse trauma experienced by women. The group provides support and a place to talk about the thoughts and feelings associated with abuse. It contains education into the process of abuse and safety planning for those still in their relationship. It provides support and resources for those choosing to stay in a nonjudgmental environment. The group goes into the cycles of abuse, the types of abuse, and ways to work through the trauma. The group is led by Sharon Cooper-Barth, who spent multiple years in emergency services and is a Professional Counseling Associate who is a certified clinical trauma professional II (CCTP-II).

Warriors in Womanhood

Facilitated by

Stacie Fish, MA, QMHP

Professional counselor associate

To the driven woman who wants to achieve her goals but questions her capability; to the courageous mother who feels guilty finding time for self-care; to the fierce student who works full time and hardly has time to sleep; to the brave woman grieving the loss of connection; to all the warriors in womanhood, this is a group where strength, empowerment, support and self-care blossom.

Each week we will explore topics that impact women on a daily basis including body image, self-care practices, imposter syndrome, societal standards, and self-compassion.

Psychoeducation along with skill development and support from other women will assist individuals within this group to thrive and find a safe place to be their authentic selves. The use of art therapy will also be incorporated into group sessions for hands on activities.

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